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Chimney Repair

We repair all type of chimneys of all brands whether it be faber, elica, kaff, hindware, pigeon or prestige. give us a call and our specialised technician will repair it within no time. 

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Electric Hob

Giving your hob for repairing to a unprofessional service man can be quite dangerous. When it come to kitchen appliances you should only trust professional people. 

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Inbuilt Microwave

Microwaves are important part of our daily lives. Almost every home owns one. But when they need repairs it becomes really difficult to live without them. Get in touch with us we will get your Microwave repaired like new within hours.

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Gas Stove

Gas Stoves are used daily for a long time so chances of getting a repair are very obvious. A badly maintained Gas Stove can be a danger for your family too. Get a stove maintained with us.

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Cooking Range

Cooking Range is the complete solution for your home. It generally includes a microwave too along with a stove. And it can  help you to finish  your cooking work in less time but theses features comes with a cost too.

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Electric Cooktop

A damaged cook top can be a serious problem, when you are in hurry and you want to have your food cooked. 

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